Dog Charity

There are so many ways to help with dog charity that involve little or no money. Besides adopting a dog, of course, you can volunteer at a shelter or foster a dog. But there are lots of other things you can do as well. So, if you don't have a lot of money to donate, and maybe currently you don't have the time to volunteer, let's look at some other ways you can help with dog charity.

Save a Dog

save a dog

This is such an easy and simple way to help dogs in shelters. Save a Dog is a Facebook application - and who isn't on Facebook these days? Simply add the application to your page and you can help feed shelter dogs. Recruit your Facebook friends to help too!

Here's how Save a Dog works:

For every 2,500 points a users score, we donate the financial equivalent of a cup of food to help an animal rescue group in need. So how do you score points? If you're a Facebook user, go there now and add the Save a Dog application to your page. Next, make sure you click on an activity every day. Just by joining the Save a Dog application you automatically earn 100 points. Other things you can do include:

  • Every day, simply by logging in, you score 25 points!
  • Now how hard is that? Virtually foster a dog to score you 100 points.
  • virtually walk your dog to score you 25 points each day.
  • Ask a friend to foster a dog - or co-foster yours - and that's another 100 points when they accept.
  • Virtually pet a dog and you'll gain 10 points.
  • Perform a daily activity with your virtual dog and you'll earn 25 more points.
  • Click on a coupon promotion for 25 points.
  • Earn 250 points when your foster leaves the shelter!
  • Enter the sweepstakes to earn 50 points.
  • Recruit your friends to add the Save a Dog application for 100 points. Get your kids and their friends to join. They're on Facebook several times a day!

Some of these activities can be done more than once a day so get started and start wracking up those points.

But what if I want to recruit people who aren't on Facebook? You still can! Link (URL) Sharing is now an option on shelter pages, on individual animal pages, and from your Save a Dog profile page. When you click the sharing link a unique URL is created for that particular page. Just paste that URL on other places outside of Facebook (email, blog sites, websites, etc.). When anyone who hasn't yet used the Save a Dog application clicks on that link and installs the application, you will get 100 points for recruiting a new user.

By the way, there's a Save a Cat application that allows you to help shelter cats, so sign up for that too!

The Animal Rescue Site The Animal Rescue Site is another great place to help promote awareness and prevent rescued animal deaths every day, and give to a dog charity. Simply by clicking you are providing food and care for a rescued animal living in a shelter or sanctuary. You can also help by signing a petition, registering for news, or shopping at their online store to help animals.

The Animal Rescue Site

iGive donates a percentage of your online purchases to animal charity. There are over 700 online stores from which to choose so anything you could possibly want to buy is probably available. Every time you shop online at any of their participating stores a percentage of the purchase price will be donated to the charity of your choice. When I first signed up with this site the charity I wanted to donate to wasn't listed, but they allowed me to add it. I think that's an awesome bonus. I donate to N.O.A.H. because that's where I adopted my great dog, Sydney and it's the dog charity I wanted to give money to. If you search the web through (a search engined powered by iGive!), you raise a penny or more for your cause every time.

Pet Finder

Here's another simple thing you can do to help with dog charity. If you have a website, a blog, or somewhere online where you write and can add you own code, simply put this quick search widget, or a similar one, on your site.

Grab a widget, banner or button from Pet Finder to add to your website to encourage people to adopt homeless dogs and you'll help with dog charity in another easy way.

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